Hot Potato Token Deflation Game

Powered By: WEN Protocol

Welcome To The Hot Potato Game - Less Than 1 Circulating Supply!



Use Your Hands, Not Your Head

Whenever the contract pauses, you do NOT want to be the TOP holder of the Hot Potato Token! This is not the time to be a "whale."

Keep burning it away by trading, because the last person holding the remaining circulating supply WINS!

Event: 14 September 2020



Hot Potato Token Info

Circulating Supply is less than ONE (1) total and max! Every time the Hot Potato moves, 1% of that supply is BURNT (That's how HOT this POTATO is!)

Circ Supply: 1
Contract Address: 0x422b727F3d39F655Fa71cF9510c4Ae5f7c13F5c9



Team holds 0 Hot Potato just like you!

We are so interested in playing that we are playing FAIR. We hold 0 just like you. First UNISWAP listing initiates Game Time

Event: 14 September 2020



Let's Go "Full Potato" On Uniswap!

Remember this is a game! The winner, last one holding the last Hot Potato by decimal in circulation, WINS an ACTUAL $ Prize PLUS all of the Rockets from the 1000x Price Increase!

Launch Time: 14 Sept 2020 20:00 EST

Hot Potato Token Info

Contract: 0x422b727F3d39F655Fa71cF9510c4Ae5f7c13F5c9
Etherscan Link: Hot Potato Token
Decimals: 6

Uniswap Info

Add Liquidity: Hot Potato Token Pool
Trade On Uniswap: Hot Potato Token
CoinMarketCap: Coming Soon

Social Media Info

Twitter: Hot Potato Token
Telegram: Hot Potato Telegram

Hot Potato Rules - Details In Source Code

Requires At least 4 people, but more people make for more fun.

Players pickup HOTP on the blockchain and trade the Token to each other, anywhere, while the contract is in play. The player holding the most “Hot Potato Tokens” when the contract pauses, is out by being frozen.

The game continues until one player is left — that player is the winner and losers are unfrozen, they are able to now sell their token!

Through this playful game, Crypto Traders are able to hone their trading skills, as well as make price action during Uniswap Trades. Above all, laughter is the goal (and money)!


This is one of the few times that you do NOT want to be a "whale!" No one likes being a loser, but it wouldn't be a game without any, so think clearly!

Should you "be out" (or what we call "frozen') don't fear, you'll still be able to sell your tokens after the game ends, so feel free to brag about being a "whale" if that's your thing.

HOTP is only 6 decimals, with a 1% burn. The holder with the absolute LEAST quantity of Hot Potato Token (HOTP) is the winner and not only gets to sell FIRST, but also gets a special WEN Protocol Prize!

Remember: Devs holds 0. Be prepared to compete and HAVE FUN!